Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Summer Border

The long herbaceous border in the Rose Garden is looking wonderful at the moment. At the top end nearest to the Quarry the pink Phlox and orange Alstromeria are in full bloom. Many of the Geraniums are starting to go over now, only to be replaced by the Sedums and other late Summer flowering perenniels.
 About halfway up the border all the Leucanthemums are opening their bright white daisy flowers. There are huge swathes of them which make a real impact. In contrast you can see this impressive Veronica, its blue flowers standing like candles, which are highly attractive to bees and hoverflies. Nestled close to this is Lychnis Coronaria. The cerise blooms above silver foliage complement the Veronica beautifully.                            

In this photograph you can get a feel for the length of the border; the cerise flowers of the Lychnis Coronaria are punctuating it at intervals. At the back of the border the Philadelphus is arching over with a mass of orange blossom scented white flowers. The Sedum is visible in the foreground.

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