Friday, 4 December 2015

Rose Buddies.

As you may be aware, the Friends have launched a rose appeal in order to raise funds to re-stock many of the rose beds. A few weekends ago we carried out phase two of our planting, which means that so far 19 of the 42 rose beds have been planted up with new roses. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but we are already planning phase three in March of 2016.
One important fact we must not overlook is that our job is not over just because the roses are planted. In order to flower to their full potential and remain healthy, roses do require some maintenance at different times of the year. Pruning early in the year, deadheading during the Summer months and weeding around them.

 It is with this in mind that we are proposing the idea of Rose Buddies.

People who are willing to team up and look after a particular rose bed.The Friends would ensure your rose bed was cleared of weeds to begin with, so this would not require a vast amount of time or effort, and each set of "buddies" could arrange between themselves times suitable to them.
It could just mean bringing secateurs and a bag while taking an evening stroll in the Summer, to deadhead a few roses. It might mean pulling out the odd weed that appears. We can provide advice on pruning and deadheading. You could use it as a quiet time to chat with a friend while tidying your rose bed. You can choose your own buddy, or we could find you one .
If anyone is interested in being a "Rose Buddy" please could you use the contact form on the right.

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