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Entrance to the Rose Garden via Storeton Road

The Friends were formed in 2007 by a group of local residents, who wanted to promote The Arno and Oxton Fields as valuable open spaces that could be enjoyed by people of all ages, now and in years to come. They set about work, focusing their efforts on the Rose Garden and its long mixed border, The Arno quarry, The Little Arno atop Mill Hill, as well as the Oxton Fields, which run either side of Duck Pond Lane.

An aerial view of The Arno and Oxton Fields

The Friends pride themselves upon
  • Working alongside WMBC (Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council) and the Parks & Countryside Service to improve the general condition of The Arno and Oxton Fields to the benefit of the local community.
  • Working closely with Wirral Community Patrol and local police to discourage anti-social behaviour and vandalism within The Arno and Oxton Fields.
  • Promoting the whole of The Arno and Oxton Fields for community use.

Just some of the beautiful plants in bloom

In 2010, The Arno was recognised as meeting the highest possible standards for a public park, and was duly awarded with Green Flag Status. The award has been renewed every year since, thanks to the work of the Friends, who continue laudably in their endeavours.

However, many other improvements have been achieved since the Friends' inception!
  • A number of benches have been provided in the Oxton Fields and The Arno.
  • More litter bins have been provided across the whole area.
  • The play area on Duck Pond Lane has been improved with more equipment.
  • The BMX track has been repaired and upgraded.
  • Responsible dog walking has been encouraged with clearer signage.
  • Tree and hedge planting has been carried out the Oxton Fields.
  • Goal posts have been erected to offer areas for football.
  • Two raised herb beds have been built for Woodchurch Rd. Primary school.
  • Outdoor exercise equipment has been installed near to the play area.
  • A metal rose arch has been erected at the top of the Rose Garden's central path.
  • Hundreds of new rose bushes have been planted to re-stock the rose beds.

A view down Duck Pond Lane

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